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VideoTNT for WordPress: Surprise Visitors with Videos, then Convert Them into Sales & Subscribers

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VideoTNT has many powerful features and settings. To see a few examples of the plugin in action, click the button below and scroll through the page.

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The demo page has 3 different embedded videos, each will interact with you as you scroll down the page. As you watch them you will see the powerful email-list subscription form overlays, and pop-up buttons. This plugin is bulging with features!


Video TNT

VideoTNT lets you quickly and easily insert highly-impactful video into your posts and pages. This easy-to-use plugin makes it easy to get more attention from your visitors, and to give them what they want. Whether you want to drive engagement and keep people on pages (boosts your Google Rankings), or to get people subscribed, or buying, VideoTNT has some seriously useful functionality that’ll enhance your website.

  • VideoTNT Drives Engagement:
    • Show video where users will see it
    • Mixed-media proven to engage with visitors
    • Auto-play (or don’t) to drive views
    • Convert the viewers once engaged with on-video CTA’s!
  • As well as exploding video in your content, VideoTNT will also:
    • Convert viewers into subscribers
    • Convert viewers into buyers
    • Help viewers share or follow
    • … with 10x powerful built-in CTA pop-overs!
  • Which convert your, (engaged), visitors by:
    • Show custom subscribe forms after play
    • Show custom button or image after play
    • Integrated with MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse & Campaign Monitor
    • Also works with your custom html forms
VideoTNT for WordPress works with Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor
All this, and more in one super-optimised WordPress plugin… Heard enough? Grab your copy now
Video TNT Screenshots…

Video TNT Screenshots

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Video TNT Benefits…
  • Easy InstallOur streamlined 2-minute install makes it super-fast to get up and running. If you can use WordPress admin, you can install this plugin.
  • Many Happy UsersJoin our community of hundreds of happy users. We’re a group of doers, and we love to innovate with WordPress.
  • 5 Star SupportWe’re here to help. We’ve included a common FAQ in the documentation, but we’re always here to answer your support questions.
Video TNT Full Details…
Video TNT Features

  • Easy Interactive Video Embeds
  • Add’s another channel for Subscribers, Buyers or Sharers
  • Attention-grabbing mid-content pop-outs!
  • Easy to use
    • Create Video Embeds in seconds:
    • Easy-to-add via shortcode [ videoTNT id=123 ] or button
    • Integrated with mail providers
    • Wonderfully fast & easy install
  • 10x Powerful CTA’s:
    • Get Subscribers
    • Get Click-throughs/Sales
    • Get Likes/Shares
    • All Built-in & Customisable!
  • Integrated with:
    • Mailchimp
    • Aweber
    • GetResponse
    • Campaign Monitor
    • Any other provider via Custom HTML!
  • Many, Many Features:
    • Autoplay when Video Pops
    • 45+ Animation Modes
    • 10x Built-in CTA video pop-overs
    • Works with Mobile Browsers
    • New for V2.0: Easily override CSS and more, from settings!
    • New for V2.0: Upload Your Own CTA Image
    • All CTA’s are customisable (text, images, and colours!)
    • + Lots More!
  • Great for:
    • Bloggers with email lists
    • Sales Pages in WordPress
    • Wow’ing visitors with Product Videos
    • Training videos & other video websites
    • Mixing up your content to keep your audience
  • Attracts 10x+ more views to video
  • Add’s another possible channel for subscribers or buyers
  • Improves engagement time of visitors, helping your SEO
  • Add Depth to Your Content!
  • Small footprint (12kb Javascript)
  • Includes Sass Stylesheets for Easy Customisation
  • Modern, efficient code written by pro’s
  • Easy to use settings panel
  • High-performance plugin
  • All the benefits of a stable, much developed & used plugin (v2.0)
  • Full Documentation & Quick Start Guide
  • 5 Star Customer Support via Email
  • Free updates for life
Current Version: 2.0
Video TNT is available under two licenses:

Standard License (1 x install):
$18 Buy
Developer License (Multi-install):
$105 Buy
Video TNT Technical Specifications

  • Requires PHP Version: 5.4
  • Compatible with WordPress Versions: WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0
  • Uses: HTML5, CSS3, & jQuery
  • All Front-End code Minified and Compressed
  • Tested on multiple server setups
  • Video TNT Plugin Filesize: 1,593KB
  • Video MD5 Hash: 00D859C1653E99F1AACF8667AA0CC273
Current Version: 2.0
Video TNT is available under two licenses:

Standard License (1 x install):
$18 Buy
Developer License (Multi-install):
$105 Buy
Video TNT Full Description

Grab the attention of users when they are amongst your copy, (with topical video) = More engagement

We all know that video is powerful. It’s been one of the biggest changes in how we build great websites in the past decade.

But making the most of your video, (or other people’s videos), isn’t easy.

You could start by simply using more video in your content, which isn’t all too hard: copy and paste the iframe code, or use a video embed plugin.

But just a video, static, on a page, isn’t all that appealing, and often wont get watched, however good it is.

That’s why we’ve built VideoTNT. There’s a huge space for better video on the web, and it’s part of the reason big sites like youtube, bbc, and others, are switching to new methods to get videos playing, and drive up engagement. VideoTNT brings all that power directly to you.

By making your video Explode out of your content, and then by capitalising on the attention it gets you, VideoTNT can really super-charge your content.

You’ve probably got the content there, the whole blog setup, branded, and ready to go. Your setup deserves this as the last little peice. VideoTNT is relatively cheap, (since we’ve opened it up with v2.0), but is super-powerful. This was originally released to a private market for a lot more than it’s going for here. And with good reason..

VideoTNT lets you bounce video out at your visitors. These videos get played more, (10x or more in our tests), they get watched for longer (driving up page-engagement times for SEO), and what’s more, as viewers like what they see, they often convert fantastically into subscribers (offer more video for their email!), or sharers/buyers (with lots of custom CTA’s, this is easy with VideoTNT).

Our background is in creating WordPress plugins which super-charge your marketing, and this is one we’re really proud of. Whether you want to drive more conversions, enhance your page engagement, or simply add a bit of WOW factor to your site, VideoTNT is a no-brainer.

P.S. It’s also great even as a really good video embedding tool, (because it has the unique ‘Show CTA pop-overs when finished playing video’ feature, amongst others!)

Current Version: 2.0
Video TNT is available under two licenses:

Standard License (1 x install):
$18 Buy
Developer License (Multi-install):
$105 Buy

Watch the Video TNT Video

Current Version: 2.0
Video TNT is available under two licenses:

Standard License (1 x install):
$18 Buy
Developer License (Multi-install):
$105 Buy
Video TNT for WordPress…

Video TNT is one of our 2 Ultimate WordPress plugins

Current Video TNT version is v2.0 which is Stable and has over 1000 active users

Add Video TNT to Your Plugin Stack!

Video TNT has been making a huge difference with our private users, and now it’s available publically. Get your license now, as with each update we may increase the price.